Joy's number one hobby is outdoor gardening. If the dirt isn't frozen, she's digging in it. Jim contributes to building infrastructure (in other words dig fence post holes) and weeding. But the green thumb belongs to Joy. The past few years, she has really focused on butterfly gardening, with sanctuary for Monarch butterflies.

We moved to Birchwood Village in late 2013. The place wasn't beautiful, but we saw some things we liked, and saw a lot of potential. Joy says "it's a diamond in the rough... very rough." We started with clearing lots of Buckthorn in 2014. We got one garden completed in 2015, and areas cleared for future gardening.

Picture tour of the Gazebo Garden project

Butterfly Garden project

We did a little bit of gardening at our first house, but it was pretty limited. We moved to Mahtomedi in 1995, and found ourselves with a big yard and lots of gardening opportunities (once we cleared a lot of Buckthorn).

A brief recap of our Mahtomedi gardens

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